Border Control

Our technology will make for easier border crossings, while maintaining security and reliability, and would further advance the capabilities of border guards to do checks on the move.

Identifying and/or controlling passengers without stopping them.

ID checker/control

Innovative solutions for border crossing facilitation systems at European level for near-seamless and improved border crossing experience for travellers

Increased security

Increased security and reliability of border checks, including identification of people crossing external borders, with stronger protection of people's fundamental rights and personal data


Better organisation, flexibility and planning of border checks by European border authorities, including for handling peaks in cross-border traffic.

Scaling up

Temporarily setting up or scaling up the capacity of certain border crossing points within a relatively short notice.


Crimes are not committed when you have someone watching over you. Facial recognition keeps track of everybody in crowded places. Facial recognition can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of security and surveillance systems across sectors and cut overall costs. It can identify when individuals are in a camera’s sight and recognise anyone who is in the system’s database, automatically sending alerts for targeted human interventions. Identify known criminals and terrorists at a safe distance.


Camera or mobile device with FarFaces technology would allow surveying a level of authorization of any worker, guest or delegate. You could choose if you want to recognise people from a database or unknown faces, or if you want to recognise everyone in one go using a multi-face mode.


Instant surveillance match colour coded alerts a field officer at the moment of recognition of a person from a database. We offer an option to switch between different databases using different access codes in a matter of seconds


FarFaces technology fully complies with GDPR requirements for data processing on a device. Recognition happens on an edge, meaning It could not be lost during transation to a server. Pictures of recognised faces are not being stored on a device.


FarFaces mobile solution allows enrolling biometric facial images to a server database. GPS location of recognised people are synchronised with a server immediately, GPS logs are saved for each person from a database.