Retail is the largest private sector employer, with 3 million people, nearly one in ten workers, employed in it in the UK. Millions more rely on it indirectly for their livelihood. Organized retail crime and shoplifters are an existential threat to the industry; its direct and indirect costs make otherwise viable shops close, harming the wider community.

Safety business

Identify known shoplifters to prevent access.

Our recognition system will allow recognizing known hooligans, crooks, or swindlers and shoplifters.

Extra security

Add potentially dangerous persons to a database for better monitoring in the premises.


Instant notification of the shop staff or security if the potentially dangerous person was spotted.


Using our technology, stores can keep statistics of customers, recognizing them at the entrance and offering special services, discounts and personalized care and attention.

Government & Business

Business use of Facial Recognition technology is growing fast. Smart Medicines cabinets, KYC at Banks, fintech, monitoring public transport for better logistics, disease diagnosis, casinos, personal ID verification checks, voting in remote areas or at home, social security benefits, just a few to mention that are using FR technology.


Banks and payment technologies use our facial recognition technology for a secure verification. The databases of faces are stored on a client-server with an additional multi-party computation security protocol embedded. Multi level liveliness checks could be added to our technology.


Multiple colour-coded categories of people could be added to a database for ease of identification. Categories such a VIP, Danger, Shoplifter, etc could be created to alert security personnel attention more efficiently.

Off-line mode

Our mobile facial recognition application could work in no Wi-Fi, remote or underground areas. Recognition happened on the edge and synchronises with the server once back online.

GDPR compliance

Our technology does not recognise people who are not in special databases or people who did not give their consent for recognition. Faces are blurred. Also, the recognition happens on the edge, no personal data is being transferred over the network. No pictures of faces are being stored on a mobile device and facial vectors are irreversible.


Casino cheats have existed ever since gambling houses opened centuries ago. Dealers, floor supervisors, and pit bosses are the first line of defence when it comes to casino cheaters. They’re trained to watch for any suspicious activity and call for security upon noticing anything. We provide extra assistance to all of the staff members.


Identify known cheaters on the entry door

Easy Visitors’ History Log access for post incident investigation

Immediate feedback

Identify known or suspicious person by checking his/her identity from 15 meters distance

OFFLine mode

Automatically notify security personnel when known card counters, cheaters or other criminals were spotted

Danger levels

Add or remove profiles to the database in a second using either mobile phone or the web cabinet